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When Your Insurance Company Says LESS, as New York Public Adjusters we fight to get you the maximum amount of settlement for your property insurance claim.

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Public Adjusting for the
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If you have a property loss or a property insurance claim, you need to call the professionals now!

Call the local New York City Public Adjusters that will fight for you. We only work for the PUBLIC.

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Public Adjusters handling Property Insurance Claims in the following counties: Queens County, Bronx, Manhattan, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester County, Brooklyn and Staten Island. 
We handle Residential, Business, Condo, Co-op, Instutional and Commercial Property Insurance Claims.

Use us as your Trusted New York Public Adjusters

If you incured a loss due to wind damage, call us as your professional New York Public Adjusters to help.
We work for you the insured, we do not work for the Insurance companies. 

Call us now for your FREE consultation and we will explain how we have helped many of our other clients with losses due to wind damage. 

Wind Damage

Property Insurance Claims from wind and storm damage.

Don't let your insurance company short change you for your property damage due to wind and storm damage. Call us as your local Public Adjusters to represent and fight for you the insured. We only work for you the property owner we do not represent insurance companies.

As Public Adjusters in New York city we handle all types of wind damage claims. Wind can damage your house, your building or any other type of man made structure. Wind or storm damage claims can be very complicated due to not just the visible damage you see, but did the whole structure shift due to to the force of the wind. If necessary we bring in engineers and construction experts that can check for hidden damage due to wind.

Don't let your Insurance company come up short or deny your claim, we handle all the necessary inspections, reinspections and bring in all the resources to uncover the full extent of the wind damage. We make sure as New York Public Adjusters you receive the full settlement necessary to repair your house or building.