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When Your Insurance Company Says LESS, as New York Public Adjusters we fight to get you the maximum amount of settlement for your property insurance claim.

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Public Adjusters for the New York City area 

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Public Adjusters, 
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Public Adjusting for the
New York City area.

If you have a property loss or a property insurance claim, you need to call the professionals now!

Call the local New York City Public Adjusters that will fight for you. We only work for the PUBLIC.

If you don't get paid for your property claim we don't get paid.

New York Public Adjusters
246-07 Francis Lewis Blvd.
Rosedale, NY 11422
Public Adjusters handling Property Insurance Claims in the following counties: Queens County, Bronx, Manhattan, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester County, Brooklyn and Staten Island. 
We handle Residential, Business, Condo, Co-op, Instutional and Commercial Property Insurance Claims.

Our team of experts:

Public Adjusters




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We have a team of experts waiting to help you with your loss. Don't leave it up to your Insurance company, they are not looking out for you. We as Public Adjusters only work for the insured, making sure your claim gets settled properly and in a timely manner. Let our team of experts help you with your Insurance claim now.
Use us as your Public Adjusters, working only for the Insured not the Insurance company. We offer a Free consultation at your location to review your loss and claim. As professional Public Adjusters we handle every part of the claim for you. Our Public Adjusting firm is based on Long Island New York and our professional team of people are all local to the New York City area.

Use us as your Trusted New York Public Adjusters

If you have an Insurance claim, residential or commercial you should be calling us at 1-646-657-1928.

FREE review of your Property Insurance Claim.

We represent property owners in the New York metro area, including, Manhattan, Queens County, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Westchester County, Rockland County, Nassau County and Suffolk counties. We do not work for insurance companies, we fight for the insured's, handling the hours of work it takes to settles claims, allowing our clients to realize the maximum Insurance claims settlement possible in the shortest amount of time.