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When Your Insurance Company Says LESS, as New York Public Adjusters we fight to get you the maximum amount of settlement for your property insurance claim.

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Public Adjusters for the New York City area 

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Public Adjusting for the
New York City area.

If you have a property loss or a property insurance claim, you need to call the professionals now!

Call the local New York City Public Adjusters that will fight for you. We only work for the PUBLIC.

If you don't get paid for your property claim we don't get paid.

New York Public Adjusters
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Public Adjusters handling Property Insurance Claims in the following counties: Queens County, Bronx, Manhattan, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester County, Brooklyn and Staten Island. 
We handle Residential, Business, Condo, Co-op, Instutional and Commercial Property Insurance Claims.

Public Adjusters for Manhattan New York

Do you live in Manhattan New York? or own a business in Manhattan that suffered damage to your property? Don't try to handle the property claim your self. Insurance companies take your premiums but what happens when you try to file a property insurance claim. They will try to delay your claim, underpay or completely deny your claim. You should have a local Public Adjuster that represents your interests and fights for you. As local Public Adjuster handling Manhattan and the New York city area we only care about you, our client. Our job is to get you paid the maximum amount of money possible for your claim. We handle the hours of paper work, emails and phone calls. We know the games the insurance companies play with insurance claims and how to prevent them from playing those games. We come in, free of charge and no obligation, we review the property damages and will recommend a course of action. If you choose to hire us, we only receive a small fee after you are paid. So don't wait, call is now at 1-646-657-1928 and get help from your local Manhattan New York Public Adjusters.

We help you settle your property insurance claim as your local Manhattan New York Public Adjusters.

Public Adjusters for New York City handling Manhattan property insurance claims.

As your New York Public Adjusters for Manhattan we offer:

Years of experience settling property insurance claims.

Access to experienced vendors who know how to handle claims in New York City and Manhattan.

Free review of your Manhattan New York City property insurance claim.

We only receive a small fee after you are paid.

We handle residential, commercial, condo and co-op property claims in Manhattan New York City.

We deal with the adjusters from the carriers on a full time basis and know what it takes to prepare and present a claim properly so you are paid promptly.


Call us now at 1-646-657-1928 to handle your property damage insurance claim.