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When Your Insurance Company Says LESS, as New York Public Adjusters we fight to get you the maximum amount of settlement for your property insurance claim.

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Public Adjusters for the New York City area 

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Public Adjusting for the
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If you have a property loss or a property insurance claim, you need to call the professionals now!

Call the local New York City Public Adjusters that will fight for you. We only work for the PUBLIC.

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Public Adjusters handling Property Insurance Claims in the following counties: Queens County, Bronx, Manhattan, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester County, Brooklyn and Staten Island. 
We handle Residential, Business, Condo, Co-op, Instutional and Commercial Property Insurance Claims.

Did you suffer Flood Damage?

Residential or Commercial property, if you suffered Flood Damage you should be calling us as your New York Public Adjusters. We have years of experience handling all types of flood claims. Depending on what type of Flood damage you suffered you could be dealing with a local insurance adjuster or it could be a catastrophe adjuster or a flood adjuster.

What type of insurance does your property have?
Do you have the correct type of Flood Insurance?

Do you live in a Flood Zone?

If you suffered any type of Flood Damage you should be callung New York Public Adjusters now to come inspect the damages, review your insurn ace coverages and recommend an action plan to get the claim settled in the least amount of time witha maximum settlement based on your damages.

Call us now at 1-646-657-1928 to come to your property, commercial or residential and review the damages for a FREE no obligation commitment call now!

People just don't realize how damaging water flooding your property can be. One small pipe break running for 24 hours can cause multiple feet of water damage to your property.

A Flood does tremendous damage to your structure, your contents and if not dried out quickly your property can then develop mold.

Also what type of water damage or flood damage did you incur? If it's fresh water it's one type of food mitigation usually causing less property damage vs. a flood from a sewer back up causing a Cat 3 type loss.

As your local Public Adjusters handling claims all over the New York City area we know what it takes to get these claims settled.